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Shocked to of got this today from the Gu…

Shocked to of got this today from the Gu...

Shocked to of got this today from the Guild of Photographers. Image of the year finalist (top 10) and feeling quite frustrated and deflated.

This year saw a new category be created called 'Natural World' which i though was a step in the right direction for wildlife photograpgers. Anything captive could also be entered into the 'Open' category which also worked well.

But for Image of the year awards the Guild have combined both the Natural World and the Open categories to create a 'Nature and Wildlife' award which i think is wrong and such a shame.

Nature and Wildlife should have their own category/award as the photography aspect is so different. I feel for those wildlife photographers that have taken time and effort in the field only to be wiped out by a trip to the zoo.

No disrespect to all the finalist in this new Nature and Wildlife category (inc my own image which is captive and entered in the open category and awarded a silver) as they are all stunning images but they should be in seperate categories otherwise what was the point in seperating them during the year.

Just find the whole thing very dissapointing.

Sorry for the rant but i felt it needed to be said

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